Dan Severn is a Rapist

Something that’s not widely known even today is that a lot of the people involved with SEG back in the 90’s (UFC president Bob Meyrowitz, executive producer David Isaacs, and several fighters such as Severn) were a part of “clique” that functioned like a borderline cult and stirred up a lot of trouble backstage at every event back in the day. Much of what I’ve read about it reminds me of what went on in Lloyd Irvin’s gym. Basically, it was Las Vegas meets “human cockfighting.”

To simplify things, the UFC promoters essentially behaved like the fedora-hat-wearing gangsters who were in charge of boxing back in the 1920’s. They basically felt they could do whatever they wanted because they had the money and the goons (Tank Abbott and friends) to back them up. Women, especially ring girls, were passed around with alarming frequency. Wealthy Taekwondo fighter and nude steakhouse owner Andy Anderson was supposedly allowed a spot in UFC 5 because he had pimped several of his girls to Campbell McLaren.

The Dan Severn/Rich Goins encounter was the most notorious incident I’ve heard of and supposedly led to the disbandment of the “clique.” Following UFC 11, Goins was cornered by Severn in a car somewhere in Augusta, Georgia and sexually assaulted. Goins didn’t go into too much detail, but from what I can gather he didn’t manage to escape in time. Severn was a part of the “clique” and had apparently approached Goins at the afterparty earlier that evening, but was initially rebuked. Meyrowitz and the rest of SEG were shocked at Severn’s actions but were forced to do as little as possible in order to avoid bringing any more negative attention to the fledgling sport. It’s unclear if Goins had kept quiet for all these years due to a payoff or his own embarrassment.

Judging from what else I’ve read about the man, I don’t think this was the only time Severn had done something like that.